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Reliability:We have been involved in UPC barcode and item identification for over 33 years. You need to TRUST that the organization which provides you UPC assignments will be around and you are not dealing with a little company working out of a wood shed or dormitory room. We are located in downtown Chicago and have a staff of five customer service representatives who can provide immediate assistance. Since this is our core business, we are able to provide assignments within minutes (for orders placed during work hours). All UPC assignments originated by GS1 and verified by George Laurer.

Personal Customer Service:If you have questions about anything UPC related, give us a call on our toll free number. It is important to us that we make sure our clients’ needs are met. Technical assistance and general support are also available via e-mail. Unlike many other organizations, calls received during business hours will be handled personally by a live customer service representative.

SingleUPC provides unique and valid UPC assignments:The numbers you receive are already properly formatted and ready to use. Our Company Prefix was issued in August 1994. Furthermore, SingleUPC LLC guarantees that each UPC you receive is unique. This is of critical importance in ensuring that your product is accurately identifiable in any retail marketplace. Publications such as the Wall Street Journal and Washington Post have run articles covering the legitimacy of companies providing individual single UPC assignments. NOTE: If you company plans on selling to Amazon or other large retail trading partners, you should obtain UPCs through .

The Economical Solution: Compared to the cost of joining the GS1 and paying annual dues, is the fastest, easiest, and most reliable way to obtain a small number of UPC’s. In addition to the UPC number, you will also receive a digital bar code file containing the bar code artwork necessary for incorporating your UPC into your product packaging. The UPC and the digital bar code file are all ready for you within minutes of ordering. Call 800-662-0701 to speak to a customer service representative or Order Online 24/7.